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Bathed In Light Poster


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18 x 24 inches, 3 color print on dark blue paper, edition of 100 (50 artist copies, 50 gallery copies)

This is an art print I created for a show in San Francisco in early 2015, put on by Evil Tender.  The theme of the show was that each artist was asked to create an original art print referencing one of ten photos, which was commissioned by the curator.  I was pretty intimidated (and honored) to be asked to participate in this show, because it featured a lot of my heroes in the world of contemporary print making - Richey Beckett, Kilian Eng, and We Buy Your Kids to name a few.  I really stepped up my game on this print, and feel like it pushed me to another level of detail and composition.  In reference to the photos, I was drawn to the beautiful ripples in the water, and the ethereal pose of the model in one photograph, and decided my design would be influenced / informed by ripples of water, with the ethereal figure floating though "space" and partially hidden.  You can read about the show and see the photographs here -