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SOLD OUT - Hexagram Recruitment Pin


Vendor: CogDut

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Special hard enamel recruitment pin, marking one's initiation into the CogDut brotherhood.  We thank you for your support and kindly welcome your allegiance.  These pins will help transcend your average space suit, lab coat, Illuminati robe, biker jacket, ect. into a uniquely classy item that the entire coven is bound to envy.

Specs - Silver plated hard enamel pin, 1 inch in diameter.  Available in limited quantities of grayscale, primary colors, and red / blue / black.  All orders come with a free sticker, and when you buy all 3 pins you'll save $5

The process is based on hard-fired enamel, an ancient Chinese technique that was developed over 6,000 years ago. Each custom design is first stamped onto a base of brass. Then the recessed areas are filled in with enamel and fired at a very high temperature. This produces a jewelry quality lapel pin with a high level of detail and fantastic colors. Each lapel pin is highly polished to a brilliant luster and smoothness.  Small imperfections are normal in enamel pins due to the nature of their production (with an emphasis on small).

Photos by Jen Rachid -