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High On Fire Poster


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Signed and numbered edition of 175, with a variant edition of 50.  35% of the run went to the bands.  Part of the Secret Serpent poster series.  Three color screen print on sturdy gray recycled paper, 120#.  18 x 24 inches

This is my poster for the High On Fire show in New Orleans August 23, 2015 at the classic venue One Eyed Jacks. I've been jamming to this band and Sleep for as long as I've been screenprinting, and absolutely love what they do. Making a poster for High On Fire has been my dream since high school, and an opportunity I jumped at the chance to get. I used the imagery of a mesoamerican pyramid because it is linked with the somber tradition of sacrifice, which is something I feel in Matt Pike's career - dude has been on tour for decades now, sacrificing the comfortable routine of "normal life" to fulfill his vision. The eye of providence is a symbol with sinister connotations, and ties in nicely with their lyrics about the brutality of reptilian war lords, organized evil, Illuminati, conspiracy...  The show was phenomenal, and every performance was excellent.  It was a nice treat to meet and hang out with all the guys from Pallbearer before the show, those dudes are too cool and melted my face off during their set.  High on Fire was more relentless and savage than I had ever seen them, and played a bunch of songs from their new tremendous album "Luminiferous"